Support Policy

  • 1. A Support Ticket Related to following booking matters will usually replied in 24 hours;
    • 1.1 New Booking
    • 1.2 Amend / Extend Booking
    • 1.3 Cancel Booking
  • 2. A Support Ticket Related to following complain matter will usually take 14 to 21 working days to reply;
    • 2.1 Late Vehicle Pickup / Return
    • 2.2 Minor / Major Vehicle Damage
    • 2.3 No Service Provided
Note : A2Z Airport Parking LTD is a booking agent for the advertised car park. We do not collect, store or drive customers vehicle and we do not own a car park. The Car Parks are owned and operated by the Airports themselves or privately owned Companies and as per the Terms and Conditions of your booking, your contract is direct with the individual Car Park.